Handmade and heartmade!

As a child I loved sitting by my mother's feet while she was sewing to retrieve any piece of cloth and make dresses for my dolls. I loved working with my hands like sewing, making pottery and painting. I was also fascinated by fashion and I got absorbed by the Marie Claire magazines that were in the house. Then, as an adult I ended up working in front of a computer using my creativity for solving problems instead. One day when I helped a friend to empty a room full of furnitures and cables, I became concious about how much material we throw away. So I started playing arround with making necklaces and bracelets with these cables and other materials such as kitchen scissors and bike brakes for example. I realized that I could not live without creating with my hands. Little by little, I started creating what is now Marina Sibajas -Upcycling Handmade, making handbags, earrings and bracelets with waste materials. I also offer customization services in which I transform any material into one of my designs, as well as creative recycling workshops. I am a member of AMSE (Association of Sustainable Fashion of Spain).

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Video from the sustainable fashion show at Momad in February 2019 where Marina Sibajas has participate with others members of AMSE (Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association).

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